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How to Care for your Wicker Baskets- 5 Easy Ways!

Your wicker baskets need some level of basic care. With a little effort, you can increase the longevity of your vessel and ensure that it always looks brand new.

Below are the 5 easy ways to care for your wicker baskets. They are:-

1. Use Wet Cloth to Wipe:


Wipe your wicker baskets with a slightly wet cloth. This will ensure that dust does not build in the corners and cracks. You can also remove dirt marks on the baskets using a wet cloth.

2. Put them out in the Sun


Once in a while, put your baskets out in the sun. This will get rid of any humidity-borne issues. This needs to be done especially just before and after the monsoon.

3. Use Vinegar for Cleaning


At times, use white vinegar to clean your baskets. This will prevent the build-up of any mold and keep pests away. Likely use a cotton cloth while cleaning, cotton diapers work well too.

4 .Use Brushes to Clean Dust:


A dry paintbrush or nailbrush is the best way to remove dust from your wicker basket. You can use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment (low suction mode) to clean.

5. Store and Handle with Care

Store your baskets in a cool, dry area and keep them away from moisture and humidity. Be gentle when handling and cleaning your wicker baskets. If you're hanging the basket, maintain an appropriate weight on them. Incorrectly hanging may distort your basket’s shape.

Unlike plastic, Natural products like your wicker basket demand a little attention, respect, and care. To ensure your wicker baskets last a long time, add them into your cleaning routine every three-to-four weeks.

Show your baskets little care and they will keep adding joy to your life.🙂

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