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Wicker Baskets

  • Different types of Material for Wicker Baskets

    Wicker baskets are woven using a variety of materials, including rattan or cane, willow, bamboo, hyacinth, kauna, sabai, moonj, and banana fiber. Rattan/cane is strong and smooth, while willow is softer and shinier. Bamboo is lightweight but less flexible. Hyacinth is spongy and flexible, while kauna is stiffer with a plastic-like surface. Sabai is a thin grass used for braiding or coiling. Moonj serves as stuffing and covering, and banana fiber is made from disintegrated banana tree stems. Each material brings its own unique qualities to create beautiful and eco-friendly wicker baskets.
  • The Many Uses of Wicker Baskets

    Wicker baskets are a versatile and stylish storage solution for any home. Whether you're looking to organize your pantry, store your towels in the bathroom, or carry your belongings to the beach, wicker baskets are a practical and attractive choice.

  • How to Care for your Wicker Baskets- 5 Easy Ways!

    Clean your wicker basket using a White Vinegar Solution. This will prevent the build-up of any mold and keep pests away. Likely use Baby Cotton Diapers to clean your baskets.