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About Us

Vision: To create elegant lifestyle products which are earthy and affordable. All activities should create sustainable rural livelihood and should be environment friendly.

The Asama story: Asama came into being sometime in early 2020, as a result of an innate desire to do something for our State, for handicraft and for the environment.

Some of the handicraft products of our State have been receiving worldwide recognition, however, there is a long way to go for many other products. Our artisans are skillful and have the potential to place Assam as the leader in many other handicraft products. It was hence envisioned that Asama would support the Government's initiative toward promoting other form of hand made products by introducing contemporary designs, new techniques and marketing channel.

We started operations during the pandemic, when the artisans were facing severe fund crunch. We worked with them to make new products, we enabled their products reach every corner of the country and we helped them stand tall and proud. Today each artisan, mostly women, is earning much more than what they used to, and have therefore been able to contribute to their family income in a significant manner.

Our artisans can now proudly say that their wares are used all over the country. We convey to them the appreciation we receive from our clients and they are now encouraged to bring more finesse in their work. And Asama has been training and retraining them to help them in this endeavor. We keep introducing designs, technology, material to help them and us become better, stronger and more fulfilled.

All our products are made from natural fiber and the raw material is taken from sustainable sources. Our primary material is hyacinth which is a weed and has to be in any case plucked from the water bodies to protect the flora and fauna of the water body. Our products are fully compostable and will in fact contribute to improve the soil structure.

Our products are guaranteed to make our users thoughtfully stylish. Stylish, because our products are elegant and chic, and thoughtful because every piece of Asama is a reflection of the concern towards environment and commitment to humanity as every purchase makes an artisan earn his living proudly.

Our product portfolio sees constant additions and range from kitchen storage, wardrobe organisers, home décor, office essentials, bags and accessories.

Behind the name: We chose to call our entity Asama, because Asama, is a derivative of the name of our State, Assam, and it also means unparalleled. And unparalleled we are, because not only are we committed to add style and elegance to the life of our users, but we are also fully committed to promote rural livelihood, and at the same time protect our environment. 

How are the products made:

Waste to Treasure: All Asama products are made from natural fibre- primarily hyacinth and incorporating bamboo or ratan. Hyacinth is beautiful aquatic plant but is destructive to the flora and fauna of the water body. So by removing them, one does service to nature.

Soul of Fiber: The hyacinth is plucked from water bodies, dried and processed at our Asama facility. The fiber is then ready to be woven into beauties, to beautify your life.

Weaving a dream: Our artisans are trained and re-trained, equipped with design and technical aid to weave. Our artisans weave at their own pace, as per their convenience, because creativity and art can never be forced.